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Friday College Football Viewing Guide: Avoid a Gridiron Hangover With More Football

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Need something to wash the taste of last night's Vanderbilt loss out of your mouth? How about the random event generator that is Kent State/Illinois Football?

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Maybe you want a little break from college football after Vanderbilt's 14-12 loss to Western Kentucky last night. That's totally understandable. But the best way to cure a hangover is to never stop drinking - and the best remedy for a football hangover is to watch Rhode Island/Syracuse until you feel better about the Commodores.

That budding upstate New York/Ocean State rivalry is just one of eight games that dots tonight's gridiron schedule. Three top 25 teams - Baylor, Michigan State, and Boise State - will be in action, but the best game of the night could be the slapfight between Illinois and Kent State. The Golden Flashes went just 2-9 last season, but they'll get the chance to surprise an Illinois team that fired its head coach one week ago. This game could be awful, it could be incredible - its the mystery cooler of college football's opening week.

But if the Illini aren't your thing, here's the rest of tonight's college football schedule.

Fri, Sept 4, 2015
3:30 PM ET
Charlotte at Georgia State
7:00 PM ET
Fordham at Army
6:00 PM ET
Rhode Island at Syracuse
7:00 PM ET
(5) Michigan State at Western Michigan
7:00 PM ET
(4) Baylor at SMU
8:00 PM ET
Weber State at Oregon State
9:00 PM ET
Kent State at Illinois
10:15 PM ET
Washington at (23) Boise State