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Vanderbilt Finally Gets On Track, Routs Austin Peay 47-7

The Commodores are finally in the win column, and this could be just what was needed going forward.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Commodores were able to finally give a complete performance, and it showed. A 47-7 win, and statistics on both offense and defense that show these players are getting better each week, and the Commodore faithful have something to look forward to going forward.

When the game started, we learned that both Nigel Bowden and Steven Scheu were both held out of the game due to concussion protocols with Bowden being diagnosed last week and Scheu being held back for precautionary reasons.  Neither should have been missed but their void could explain some of the miscues in the beginning of the game. Then Trent Sherfield happened.

As CDA tweeted, Sherfield did something that neither Earl Bennett or Jordan Matthews ever did - catch the ball for 240 yards.  If we were pondering if we could find a playmaker on the outside, that question has been clearly answered.

Johnny McCrary looked like the game manager we expected, making good decisions, taking the short safe passes and letting his skill players break tackles and gain YAC.  On the few throws down-field, McCrary looked much improved with all of his long passes with better footwork and crisper spirals.  McCrary's 18 yard pass to Trent Sherfield was placed perfectly for Sherfield to catch it in stride.  Coach Andy Ludwig called a great game that really tried to focus on getting McCrary alot of opportunity to make reads and high percentage throws.  It was successful as he went 28 for 33 for 368 yards and most importantly, no interceptions.

In addition to having Sherfield emerge, we saw Ralph Webb take the team on his back at the start of the game.  While the O-Line was.....lacking to say the least, Ralph Webb finally softened the Gov's D-Line and broke through for the first three TDs but did so with less than stellar rushing yardage.  That again raises questions on the O-Line's ability to open gaps and get to the second level.   Ralph's first TD came bracketed by two field goals

Again Vanderbilt did not win the turnover margin.  The first was squarely on the coaching staff for failing to make sure that Torren McGaster was back for the potential pooch punt instead of Ryan White.  that turnover lead to The second was during clean up time when Wade Freebeck tried to throw a needle to Kris Kentera that resulted in James Bond.

Ultimately the game was never really in question after Ralph Webb's second TD but we got to see some things that can be built on in the second half.  The speed and pace that the team placed with on both sides of the ball after halftime may be a great indicator of the coaches' ability to adjust.  The played faster and was more aggressive with faster scores and more pressure on the defensive side of the ball.

Looking forward, a grueling road trip to Oxford is coming next week. UGA may have been a big test to see the progress of this program, well next week's game against the Rebels is the Mid-Term, and the Commodores better be studying night in and night out. Keep it here at AoG for the latest on Commodores Football, including status updates on in-game injuries to Latevius Rayford and Jay Woods.