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The Pilot Episode of An OG Podcast: Talking Vandy's Quarterbacks, Andy Ludwig, and Defensive MVPs

Football season is only two days away, so three Anchor of Gold mainstays got together to talk Vanderbilt football, Derek Mason, Johnny McCrary, Wade Freebeck, and more. Welcome to the first-ever OG podcast.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, we'll know whether or not Derek Mason has made major strides in his second year as an NCAA head coach. Of course, we're not especially patient here at Anchor of Gold, so we started digging into Vanderbilt football two days early.

Enter An OG Podcast, Anchor of Gold's official 20 minutes of shouting. After weeks of discussion, we finally coaxed authors VandyImport and VUFaninTX to drop in to discuss the Vanderbilt quarterback battle, Andy Ludwig's role as offensive coordinator, and which former Commodores have the most interesting storylines going into the NFL season. We break down the Vandy depth chart and predict which defensive player will have the greatest impact in 2015 (spoiler: I predict big things from Darreon Herring).

We got down to the conversation after a few fits and starts. VandyImport, talking with us through a decade-old iMac microphone, gave us a pretty stellar Max Headroom remix early on. The good news is that it clears up after a few minutes. The extra good news is that it also managed to blur out most of his profanities and a whole bunch of personal things about Karl Dorrell.

Here's our first-ever podcast at YouTube:

And here it is on SoundCloud:

Let us know what you think - what we can fix, what you want to hear us talk about, and whether you want this to be a weekly feature - in the comments below.