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A Clockwork Vandy: Missouri

The Charleston Southern game wasn’t on TV where I live, so next up on A Clockwork Vandy: Missouri.

Something we didn't see a lot of last year - a perfect throw.
Something we didn't see a lot of last year - a perfect throw.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off the CSU game, Johnny Mac was the clear starter for this game.  That about does it for the status update on our side.

When Missouri joined the SEC along with the Aggies, I coined the term "SEC Jr." to describe them.  Boy, do I have no room to say that anymore.  Both in how the teams have performed but in how we've performed.  So there's nothing I can really say here other than our gold is actually gold and not some sort of puke yellow.

I remember this game being a shit show, which is just more condemning of the SEC East.  C'mon y'all how is THIS the team that has won two divisional championships in a row?

1st Quarter

Missouri Ball, 4th and 4, Vandy 19, ~11:10, No Score

Our front seven has been our strength, but dear God they must be asleep or just plain not on the field.  Aside from one (barely) missed pass, each run is a huge one.  We're not even touching the ball carrier until 5 yards past LoS.

Vanderbilt Ball, 4th and 9, Missouri 36, ~7:20, Missouri 3 - Vandy 0

I hatteeeeee punts in the "gray zone".  HATE THEM. Too far too go for the FG, too close to really punt it reliably.  The drive itself was a little more pass heavy than I'd have liked but this offense is pretty much the way we SHOULD be doing things.  Run first, and just lots of plays out of a set designed for short passes to the TEs and one or two quick WRs.

Almost the rest of this quarter is three and outs. Two from each team.

There's nothing that I can say about them.... Other than laughing at Anthony Sherrils who got ejected for targeting.  Definitely lowers his head.  I remember Missouri fans being furious over this. Lol.

Missouri Ball, 1st and 10, Missouri 20, ~50 seconds, Missouri 3 - Vandy 0

...except this damned 35 yard pass to Jimmie Hunt.  We had 8 in coverage... we were playing a 3-3-5 nickel... and yet they still found the hole in the zone.  The DBs are consistently the biggest weakness in this defense.

2nd Quarter

Missouri Ball, 4th and 12, ~ 14:20, Vandy 47, Missouri 3 - Vandy 0

Thankfully, Missouri is just as good at us as screwing themselves, a fumble on second down sets up the failure on the drive.

Vanderbilt Ball, 3rd and 5, Vandy 18, ~13:20, Missouri 3 - Vandy 0

Stephen Scheu is really not praised enough.  Missouri broadcasts the safety man (cover 0) and Scheu rockets in right between the LB zones at the sticks.  McCrary had a perfect pass for a 12 yard first.

Vanderbilt Ball, 4th and 16, Vandy 45, ~8:50, Missouri 3 - Vandy 0

You know, that 3rd down aside (it wasn't a sack ESPN, you morons), the Vandy OL did a great job this series against Missouri which had one of the best pass rushes last year.  If Dorrell's offense worked this well all the time last year, I'd be all about it.  It was pass heavy but McCrary was making it work.

Missouri Ball, 4th and 1, Vandy 10, ~3:50, Missouri 3 - Vandy 0

Missouri makes the right call to go for it on 4th and 1.  This was the first drive  since their first that Missouri was able to put a good series together.  They do it the way we should - power running.

Vanderbilt Ball, 3rd and 9, Missouri 19, ~30 seconds, Missouri 10 - Vandy 0

I have to give Dorell credit here.  On the obvious passing down, out of the ace set, the QB handoff to Webb does an amazing job getting 10 yards for the first.  The OL is a huge part of the success.


We scored with 8 seconds left in the half.  Missouri 10 - Vandy 7

You know, this game was winnable.  We just simply didn't do what we needed to on offense.  Again.  It's just a matter of not having the tools.  McCrary is better than Rivers, he gets the ball out faster, we still don't have much of a passing attack.  Also you know, Dorrell insists on being a pass first team.

I still don't understand why Missouri is insisting on doing nothing but run on us.  They must have convinced themselves that they saw something.


Vanderbilt Ball, 1st and 10, Missouri 44, ~11:50, Missouri 10 - Vandy 7

Why do I even bother posting compliments about our team anymore?  I know the way this shit ends, and I know my words are a curse.  McCrary hit as he throws but it doesn't really matter because it's into triple coverage or whatever.  INT.  I hate everything,.

Missouri Ball, 3rd and 4, Vandy 40, ~8:20, Missouri 10 - Vandy 7

Stephen Weatherly once again speaks to me, telling me he understands my pain/boredom/slipping into a coma to die, happily.  He blows right through the line to sack Mauk.

Vanderbilt Ball, 4th and 12, Vandy 21, ~5:00, Missouri 10 - Vandy 7

Another useless drive.  I have nothing to add.  Is anyone even reading these anymore?  I doubt it, I can literally feel my soul leaving me as I'm watching it, I can't imagine how you'd feel reading it.

Missouri Ball, 3rd and 15, MIDFIELD, ~3:00, Missouri 10 - Vandy 7

You know, I never noticed it before, but Matty Mauk looks like a lumberjack.  I guess that makes sense for a player that goes to Missouri.

Vanderbilt Ball, Oh who gives a shit, Missouri 17 - Vandy 7

You gotta be kidding me Karl.  McCrary may be doing better with "your" """""""offense""""""" this game, but the reason we're losing is because you're not utilizing Ralph Webb.  Cripes.


Missouri Ball, Oh who gives a shit, Missouri 17 - Vandy 7

Wide right on a field goal, honestly barely paying attention.  This is almost like watching paint dry.

Vanderbilt Ball, 3rd and 4, Missouri 29, ~7:00, Missouri 17 - Vandy 7

Once again, we see how CJ Duncan is going to be sorely missed.  He's really a big reason why the TEs get space.  McCrary threw the ball perfectly which is saying a lot since Duncan's route wasn't great. TOUCHDOWN!

Missouri Ball, 2nd and 16, Vanderbilt 25, ~2:10, Missouri 17 - Vandy 14.

And of course we screw it all up.  Because we're Vandy.  I'd almost feel better about it if it was a slow plodding drive to the inevitable.  But no, once again we allow huge gains for no reason.

Vanderbilt Ball, 4th and 32, Vanderbilt 4, ~1:15, Missouri 24 - Vandy 14

I have mixed feelings about the punt.  It's clearly surrendering the game.  I understand why he did it, and I think ultimately it probably sent the wrong message to the team, but in the end I don't think it changes anything.  4th and 32 is a bit much to get angry about not going for especially when we've got a whole field on a day our offense has done nothing.  Oh, and we'd still have to recover the onside and get close enough for a FG.  All in 1 minute.  I don't think it matters a whole damned lot.


We should have won this game.  Missouri pretty much handed it to us.  We just didn't want it because our offense is as anemic as a girl who goes to college and becomes vegan without first reading anything about it.

I can't blame the defense for that last drive.  I can't.  What matters most is that they time and again made their stops and our offense didn't do it.  It's partly talent, but it's 75% Karl Dorrell being terrible.

Final assessment: Damp hets.  Should have won, two scores doesn't tell the tale, but we didn't do anything to really prove that.

Postscript: I just realized that this was the game that borne the commentariat joke that all AoG writers are teenage girls pretending to be 30 year old men.