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Caleb Azubike Gets Bored - Spends Sunday Trolling Tennessee Fans, Buddy

Caleb Azubike: "Tennessee is awful." UT fans: "No, you're the one who sucks!" Repeat ad infinitum until college football is shut down or Twitter becomes no longer profitable.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Azubike only needed three sentences to turn a boring summer Sunday into a boiling cauldron of rage for Tennessee fans. The long break between dinner and a new episode of "Bar Rescue" (I'm assuming) gave the Commodore senior enough down time to rile up an entire fanbase and prove that One Direction fans and men's rights activists aren't the only ones who can interchange "your" and "you're" in online arguments with impunity.

It started with a simple retweet from teammate Rashad Canty:

That led to a logical jump to this:

At the very least, the Commodore senior doesn't mince words. In response, several Twitter enfants terrible with various spellings of "Vol" in their account name unleashed the fury on Azubike.

Azubike, unfazed, dropped the classic Vandy counter-argument to 95 percent of arguments with Tennessee fans: learning. CALEB AZUBIKE CAME HERE TO PLAY SCHOOL, CARDALE.

And, as is tradition, Tennessee fans turned out in droves to take part in an utterly meaningless argument. Azubike doubled down on Vanderbilt's academic pedigree:


Azubike would later catch heat from Vol supporters for not being thoughtful enough to offer Sabanocchio a salve for his recently inflicted burns. He also got some help from the Commodore contingent on Twitter:

Tennessee fans continued to lob insults ranging all the way from "you suck" to "Vandy sucks" at the defensive lineman, but he took the affair in stride.

And then Barron Dixon dropped what should have been the final word on the matter, if only it weren't guaranteed that arguments on Twitter last a minimum of six weeks:

So what was the reason behind Azubike's outburst?

In all, it played out according to the template argument between Vanderbilt and Tennessee fans. UT fans point out their overall record against Vandy, Vandy fans point out how much better their academics are, and neither side budges an inch from their original standpoints. Still, it entrenched Azubike's status as a fan favorite - and as a target for when the Commodores return to Knoxville this fall.