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Georgia Southern Fans Are Tweeting VU Football Wanting a Home/Home

solid trolls should be praised.

The last time GSU played an SEC team, we all laughed.
The last time GSU played an SEC team, we all laughed.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So earlier today, I was e-mailed by someone asking for me to give attention to the latest Georgia Southern "trending" tweet.  Yes, apparently they have enough fans to do that

The message itself was fairly serious, talking about doing a home/home at Vandy... and how many people they'd bring to Nashville.  The author also talked about how exciting and fun such a matchup would be.  It was fairly believable that GSU fans would want to add another SEC team to their belt (although you can debate how much "Vanderbilt" is a trophy there).

Then I clicked on the link and... well...

It's clearly trolling (I mean, that Twitter name, right?), and a well done one at that.  So I simply must give it some attention for no other reason other than the sheer ridiculousness of it.  The originator was NOT just talking about giving the Eagles a chance to notch another SEC win. He's talking about sending an SEC school on the road to play at Paulson Stadium.  Hilarious.

There's a old rumor that flies around LSU circles that the Tigers were scheduled to play GSU when Saban arrived.  Will Muschamp (LB coach that year) of all people saw that game on the schedule and said, "aw hell no".  He runs over to Saban's office, but Saban doesn't understand the big problem with playing GSU.  All it took was Muschamp to show Saban three plays of the GSU offense for Saban to run down to the AD and demand the game be axed.  Why? Three words: "run triple option".  Hey, remember that Charleston Southern game last year?  Yeah. GSU does it 10x better, and they also have the benefit of the legitimacy and recruiting that comes from not being a I-AA team anymore.  Don't lose heart though, GSU, I'm sure there's plenty of teams full of hubris that would love to (try and) beat up on y'all.  Every single one of us loved that stomping of Florida back in 2013.

So while I find this campaign hilarious, GSU fans, thanks but no thanks.  If Nick Saban didn't the best defense in the country playing y'all, I certainly don't want our team near a game with ya.

I am honored that of all the lunatics in the AoG asylum, my name was the name they drew out of a hat to ask to promote this venture.  Therefore, I will peer into the Vanderbilt Het-o-Meter.  Oh great and powerful Het-o-Meter, how wet would our hets be if we were to play GSU?

Hit us up if you know anyone at Georgia State, though.

UPDATE: 19:20 PM

Ok, this guy owns.  This tweet went out after I wrote this.