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Vanderbilt Unveils "Deep Water" Uniforms

Commence "wet het" jokes immediately.

Earlier today, Vanderbilt unveiled the mysterious "fourth" uniform at Dore Jam.  The new "Deep Water" uniform continues the theme of naval iconography in our uniforms for the year.  Here's the introductory/promo video VUcommodores posted about it:

And here's some close ups you can get from and also through the football twitter account:






Anchor Down is on the pants, which I like, but will of course has already started the swarm of OH SO CLEVER comments from Vawls fans about how stupid they think the Anchor Down slogan is.  Your opinion of the slogan notwithstanding, I was more wondering about whether we're actually allowed to have that on the pants.  Well, I literally just read rule 1-4-5 and any rules near it.  It seems the slogan rule is specifically only for jerseys.  I guess next year the NCAA will be introducing "the Vanderbilt rule" because they hate fun.

Secondly, what the hell is going on in that second promo shot?  Did we take these at the Nashville Ballet?  So confused.


The uniforms overall are pretty damned crisp and I like them.  Those of you who disliked the numbering on last year's uniforms should be pleased, these numbers are used and have a cool stencil design.

I also like the gray and gold color scheme.

Overall though the helmet is my favorite part.  I know, commentariat, some of you VERY MUCH HATE THE ANCHOR on the helmets already.  I have to disagree, those are cool.  These are even cooler, I really like the design on the anchor of this and it's a nice alternate to the traditional Vandy star.  It's a high gloss finish too so it's not matte - something else some people didn't like about the other uniform.

The players like them, which is the most important thing.


We're going to be making a lot of "deep water" jokes this year.  Moreso than we did last year.


I like them, it's not a home run, but they're cool.  I like the naval theme were going with this year, but "deep water" might not have been the best name.  Ah well.  Het status: