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Julian Terrell Leaves Vanderbilt Basketball for Austin Peay

Former Commodore basketball star and current Vanderbilt Director of Video Operations Julian Terrell will be leaving his alma mater for a job in Clarksville. Terrell accepted a coaching job at Austin Peay State University.

Kevin Stallings's counter-offer; stay or I'll shoot Matthew Fisher-Davis.
Kevin Stallings's counter-offer; stay or I'll shoot Matthew Fisher-Davis.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Julian Terrell had a two-year homecoming when he joined the Vanderbilt coaching staff after ending a basketball career that carried him across Europe. Now, he'll depart from Nashville again - but he won't be going nearly as far once he leaves campus.

Terrell, Vanderbilt's Director of Video Operations, has accepted a job with the Austin Peay State University basketball staff. He'll join the Governors for the upcoming 2015-16 season.

The two-time Commodore basketball captain gave the Vanderbilt community a heartfelt goodbye on Wednesday:

Terrell is the latest assistant to leave Vanderbilt in college basketball's shell game of coach movement. The Commodores have also lost mentors like King Rice (head coach at Monmouth), and Yanni Hufnagel (assistant coach at California) in recent years. Terrell's enhanced role in Clarksville should set him up for bigger and better coaching jobs down the line - and maybe even a third stop in Nashville. We wish him the best with the Governors.