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Carson Fulmer Signs With White Sox

...and we salute him for it.

Carson Fulmer, as calm as we've ever seen him.
Carson Fulmer, as calm as we've ever seen him.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Ferguson wasn't the only Commodore to start his career in professional baseball today.  Carson "The Florida Flamethrower" Fulmer just inked a deal with the Chicago White Socks for a full slot bonus of $3,470,600.

I told myself I wasn't going to cry...

...and so I won't.  I also won't be writing an elegy of the likes of "The Rime of the Ancient Flamethrower."  Regardless, here's to the most intense pitcher I've ever seen.  He was instrumental in our National Champion run and subsequent repeat attempt. He wasn't content with getting outs; he wanted souls.

We'll be rooting for you on the South Side of Chicago, Mr. Fulmer.  When you burn laser holes through the heads of opposing batters with the stare of a thousand suns in the big leagues, nod your head once to let us know you're doing it for us.

I told myself I wasn't going to cry...

Here's the updated draft signings list:

2015 MLB Draft Signings Tracker (Vanderbilt Edition):

1. ARI Dansby Swanson - SS Vanderbilt

8. CHW Carson Fulmer - RHP Vanderbilt - $3,470,600 (exact slot value)

24. LAD Walker Buehler - RHP Vanderbilt

33. KC Nolan Watson - RHP Lawrence North HS (Ind.) - $1,825,200 (exact slot value)

42. CLE Triston McKenzie - RHP Royal Palm Beach HS (Fla.) - $2,302,500 ($834,100 over slot)

66. STL Bryce Denton - 3B Ravenwood HS (Tenn.) - $1,200,000 ($264,600 over slot)

101. LAD Philip Pfeifer - LHP Vanderbilt

103. WSH Rhett Wiseman - OF Vanderbilt

113. CHC Darryl Wilson - OF Canton South HS (Ohio) - $1,300,000 ($800k over slot)

168. TEX Tyler Ferguson - RHP Vanderbilt - $200,000 ($96,000 below slot)

Rounds 11-40

12th. MIN Zander Wiel - 1B Vanderbilt

19th. TEX Xavier Turner - 3B Vanderbilt - Signed on 6/15 (amount not known)

24th. TOR Reggie Pruitt - OF Kennesaw Mountain HS (Georgia) - $500,000 ($400k over slot)

29th. MIL Donny Everett - RHP Clarksville HS (Tenn,)

30th. CLE Chandler Day - RHP Watkins Memorial HS (Ohio)

36th. CHC Alonzo Jones - SS Columbus HS (Georgia)

39th. CHC John Kilichowski - LHP Vanderbilt