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Zander Wiel Signs With Twins

...and Twins!!!

Via con dios, #43.
Via con dios, #43.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

When Zander Wiel wasn't ranked in BA's top 500, an eyebrow was raised.  When Zander lasted to the Twins pick in the 12th round, people started talking about the possibility of him coming back.

That was never going to happen.  The big first baseman was not only a RS Junior... he got his degree this May.  He'd started for the bulk of three years.  He'd reached two CWS Finals.  He has a CWS Championship on his resume.  He's batted 4th for the bulk of this time.  He graduated.  He did impersonations of everyone else on the team.

In short, he's done everything we could have possibly hoped he would.

Now, he leg-kicked his way to a pro contract.

...and we salute him for it.  Here's to you, Zander.

I hope you get to Minnesota as fast as possible to play for the... and twins!!!

Here's to you, Zander.  Also, here's to the Twins.

Please don't drink that Colorado piss water.

Now, we don't know how much money Minnesota offered Zander, but I think we know what he'd do if it was a million dollars.

And for no reason but because I'm on an Office Space kick...

Make sure to keep refreshing to find out when Buehler and Swanson ink their deals.

Here's the updated draft signings list:

2015 MLB Draft Signings Tracker (Vanderbilt Edition):

1. ARI Dansby Swanson - SS Vanderbilt

8. CHW Carson Fulmer - RHP Vanderbilt - $3,470,600 (exact slot value)

24. LAD Walker Buehler - RHP Vanderbilt

33. KC Nolan Watson - RHP Lawrence North HS (Ind.) - $1,825,200 (exact slot value)

42. CLE Triston McKenzie - RHP Royal Palm Beach HS (Fla.) - $2,302,500 ($834,100 over slot)

66. STL Bryce Denton - 3B Ravenwood HS (Tenn.) - $1,200,000 ($264,600 over slot)

101. LAD Philip Pfeifer - LHP Vanderbilt - $222,500 ($342,200 below slot)

103. WSH Rhett Wiseman - OF Vanderbilt - $554,100 (exact slot value)

113. CHC Darryl Wilson - OF Canton South HS (Ohio) - $1,300,000 ($800k over slot)

168. TEX Tyler Ferguson - RHP Vanderbilt - $200,000 ($96,000 below slot)

Rounds 11-40

12th. MIN Zander Wiel - 1B Vanderbilt - Signed on 7/11 (amount not known)

19th. TEX Xavier Turner - 3B Vanderbilt - Signed on 6/15 (amount not known)

24th. TOR Reggie Pruitt - OF Kennesaw Mountain HS (Georgia) - $500,000 ($400k over slot)

29th. MIL Donny Everett - RHP Clarksville HS (Tenn,)

30th. CLE Chandler Day - RHP Watkins Memorial HS (Ohio)

36th. CHC Alonzo Jones - SS Columbus HS (Georgia)

39th. CHC John Kilichowski - LHP Vanderbilt