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TONIGHT: Vanderbilt Takes Over the SEC Network

Every day for the last two weeks, each school has been awarded 24 hours to fill SEC Network's programming with their own content. In the final day of the network initiative, Vanderbilt gets its 24-hours-of-fame.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't been paying attention to SEC Network lately, then you may have missed how each school in the Southeastern Conference has had its own day of glory, filled with moments in recent history that bring pride to the university.

That's right, a full 24-hours time slot has been awarded to each school in the SEC in a network takeover. Alabama fans get to reunite with a giant bear while wearing nothing but houndstooth, LSU fans gather round to bask in their scent of corn dogs without having actually eaten any, and Tennessee fans sing an off-pitch fast-paced somehow more annoying version of "kumbayah" around a rock inconveniently placed by an unknown entity.

Well, to wrap up the SEC Network Takeover, Vanderbilt is awarded its 15-minutes (or 24-hours)-of-fame on Sunday, July 12. The event actually begins at 11 pm CT tonight, kicking things off with a little 2012 Music City Bowl action. A full schedule can be found here.

Beloved Vanderbilt alum and MLB starting pitcher David Price may have helped SEC Network compile the list of 12 glorifying events to make Vanderbilt appear to be a viable threat to the competition again, but here's my take on the best events to re-watch:

2013 Georgia vs. Vanderbilt FB

(2:30 am CT)

If you're stumbling into your apartment drunk on this fine Saturday night/Sunday morning, be sure to have your television set to SEC Network and relive the wondrous moments when you, as a Vandy fan, personally annihilated any hope of a chance that UGA would have had at a national championship bid. Or even an SEC championship bid. Congratulations: despite your own personal belief or the win-loss records, Vanderbilt football really did play an important role in recent seasons. What a way to end a drunken night out at Tin Roof by watching Vanderbilt defeat a top 25 team.

2012 SEC Tournament Finals: Florida vs. Vanderbilt BSB

(8:30 am CT)

It's time to wake up for church and put on your Sunday best to enjoy worship with your fellow Vandy friends. Don't go to church? That's okay, just turn on SEC Network to be reminded that Vanderbilt baseball DID actually matter before the 2014 National Championship. Playing a No. 2 ranked rival, Vanderbilt defeated Florida with incredible base-running (Ed: A TRIPLE STEAL!) and a ninth-inning rally to advance to the SEC tournament final.

2013 Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt FB

(4 pm CT)

Because, of course.

2012 SEC Tournament Championship: Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt MBB

(7 pm CT)

Just a quick reminder that Vanderbilt continues to shake up the odds in every sport, not just football and baseball. Kentucky passed up the SEC Tournament championship to Vanderbilt, even though they later became national champions. Fair trade-off, if you ask me, because for that entire year Vanderbilt was allowed to say, "We beat the national champions, before they were so." And Vandy snapped an impressive 24-game win streak for the Wildcats. Go 'Dores!

And to cap off your night, if you aren't already tired from your fun-filled day hanging out with David Price and not watching the punter be named MVP of the 2008 Music City Bowl (now how on EARTH could we leave that off the list?), be sure to tune into Vanderbilt baseball's SEC Tournament Championship final vs. Arkansas in 2007, featuring current MLB players like Dallas Kuechel and David Price. Vanderbilt lost the first game in the double-elimination tournament and won its next five straight games to take a title.

That game, starting at 9 pm CT, will end Vanderbilt's Takeover Day and also mark the end of the two-week programming initiative.

Now, you may be left with some questions, like WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS?! Well, calm down. NCAA championships were unfortunately not available for re-air.

Remember, SEC Network Takeover starts at midnight EASTERN TIME, so for those of us lucky enough to be located in the wonderful city of Nashville, jump an hour earlier like the times I listed above.