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Tyler Ferguson Taken in 6th Round by Rangers

The Texas Rangers are gambling on his big league arm at pick #168, requesting he leave the over-sized hat behind.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Going into the year, Tyler Ferguson was expected to be a weekend rotation stalwart with a shot at being a first rounder, but a full-on mechanical failure derailed that pretty much immediately.

Regardless, very few humans can throw a ball 97mph, and that alone would warrant being picked even higher than this.  As such, the Rangers are betting their developmental pitching coaches in the minors can figure Ferguson out.  If they can, he could be a back of the bullpen guy.

In short, though he was a mechanical mess for most of this year, the talent is there.  If the Rangers can iron him out, this is a home run.  If not, it's a 6th round lottery ticket that didn't hit.  No worries.

Thanks for the memories, Turd.  I admit it... it was funny.  It was bigger than a regular hat.

2015 Stats: 0-1, 6.30 ERA

Slot Value: $296,000