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Baseball Twitter Round-Up: Awards, Promotions, and Taylor Hill Back in the Bigs

Read the title. There you go...

I'm on Twitter, you know...
I'm on Twitter, you know...
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

We've got a whole two days to go before Vanderbilt shows up in Illinois to squash some Champaign wishes and caviar dreams.  How to fill it?  Besides with drinking...

Well, how about perusing the domain of the young'ns and see what Twitter can tell us?

*Smash Cut to The Young'ns rolling their eyes and saying, "You still use Twitter?  Grandpa..." while watching eleventy billion Vine videos of other people watching Vine videos.

Damn kids...

Let's do it anyway.

First Bit of 140 Character Newz:

Carson Fulmer and Dansby Swanson both named as finalists for the Dick Howser Trophy. @DAVIDprice14 the only Dore to ever win it.

For those of you who don't know Dick, his trophy goes to the National Collegiate Player of the Year, so it's a pretty big deal.  Much more prestigious than the trophy named after his son, Dougie, which goes to the best wearer of untied high tops.

Much. More. Prestigious.

They're both up for the Golden Spikes Award, as well.


2nd Bit of 140 Character Newz:

As you all know, the back half of this season has been one big freshman party.  In addition to the trash cans full of Everclear, Cranberry Juice, Sprite, and Tang (recipe a trade secret) and awkwardly trying to make out with a girl whose name might be Abby, or was it Lauren, and waking up with a penis drawn on your forehead in Sharpie, Vandy freshmen Will Toffey, Jeren Kendall, and Kyle Wright have been named Freshman All-Americans.  Probably for the baseball stuff.

3rd Bit of 140 Character Newz:

Good news for Commodores Emeritus Taylor Hill and Tyler Beede:

Finally, Corbs thanks us all, in the most Corbs way possible: