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Tim Corbin Takes to Twitter to Congratulate Virginia on Their National Title

This is why everyone loves Tim Corbin.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, Virginia sealed their status as 2015's team of destiny by beating Vanderbilt for the College World Series crown. The Cavaliers battled back from a game one loss to shut down Vandy's bats on Tuesday and Wednesday night and bring home the ACC's first baseball championship since 1955.

It was a special win for UVA - something that wasn't lost on Commodore coach Tim Corbin. Last year's national champion took to Twitter today to express his appreciation for Virginia's run to the title.

That's a heartfelt note from a man who has had his share of heartbreaks and successes on his way to becoming one of the best coaches in the NCAA. Corbin and UVA coach Brian O'Connor have gotten to know each other well in the past two years; their teams have faced off in the College World Series Championship in 2014 and 2015. After reading Corbin's note, it's tough not to root for another rematch between the Commodores and Cavaliers in 2016.