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CWS Finals Wild Predictions Thread

Go hog wild.

Gig 'em.
Gig 'em.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

VU04 is currently penning an opus for us all later, "Unlikely Heroes and Likely Villains", a wonderful tale of how we've enjoyed success and what we might expect.

However, in the interim, I know our AoG readers well.  If there's one thing y'all like to do more than reading our bluster, it's meeting said bluster with bluster of your own.  So here's a thread for you all to embarrass yourselves as you know you're wont to do.  Don't be boring and say we'll win.  Almost all of us think we have a solid chance of winning this.  I've got nothing else to say, really, just post some predictions for the series that starts TONIGHT!!!

I'll start:

  • It's hard to say Fulmer will surpass his already insane 12.0 K/9 or 5.92 H/9 tonight, but in this, his last start as a Vanderbilt Commodore, I'm expecting the start of his life.  Yeah, predicting better is crazy, but that's what this thread is for.
  • Ice Hockey will be brought up no less than 1,000 times during the series.
  • Vanderbilt will attempt at least 3 squeeze plays.
  • UVA will bowl over at least 1 more Commodore for no reason. You can take the Virginia out of Papi, but you can't take the Papi out of Virginia.
  • In a critical moment, Dansby Swanson will use the sheen from his hair product to blind UVA pitchers, causing them to pitch a gopher ball to him that ends up somewhere in Iowa .

Your turn, commentariat.  I'm writing this between real work, and there's no excuse - throw out something.