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LSU v. TCU: The Fight To Face Vanderbilt

Be honest, you're none too excited about Derek Mason stealing recruits from Bowling Green, or whether or not Mark Jackson is an asshole (he is). You want baseball and you want it now. Well I'm going to give it to you, and you're going to like it.

...but "Baseball in the Groin" has a baseball in the groin.
...but "Baseball in the Groin" has a baseball in the groin.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight at 7:00pm CT, LSU and TCU face off for the chance to play the defending national champion Vanderbilt Commodores on Friday.  As CDA pointed out, we don't exactly care who wins, but we want it to go approximately 32 innings.  Anchor of Gold uber-commenter Parlagi replied:

And LSU wins 1-0 on a walkoff HR
After the announcers go "oh hey, TCU's tossing a no hitter!" during the middle of the 32nd.

by parlagi on Jun 17, 2015 | 9:29 AM up reply unrec (5) actions

...and there was much rejoicing.

We're all going to be watching this game, trying to explode heads with our icy glares.  Or drinking.  We'll probably be drinking.

Either way, we might as well see what's on the minds of both fan bases, respectively.

First, let's see what their official Twitter accounts are up to:

LSU is, quite predictably, acting like a bunch of assholes:

Relatively sure Conner Hale is pretending to smoke with a golf tee there.  Like a Grade-A asshat.

On top of that, they're acting like that guy with a Confederate Flag hanging in his frat's pool room - harping on "history" and "tradition," but ignoring all other factors, like reality.

How VandyTigerPhD continues to associate with them is beyond me.

On the other hand, TCU has thrown up but one tweet since Tuesday, and it has nothing to do with braggadocio or "tradition":

Advantage: TCU.

How about their SBNation blogs?

LSU is (again, unsurprisingly) mostly fawning over high school football players (here and here) and voting on food.

TCU, however, has four baseball articles up in the past two days: a preview of today's match-up with LSU (in which we find out that the pitching match-up will be, as predicted, TCU's Man-Mountain Mitchell Traver v. That Reliever Person), an argument that TCU should go to the bench to infuse some offense into their offense (though they seem to be suggesting it would be wise to put in a low-grade bourbon), a Q&A with Aaron Boone (hey, that's our idea!), and some crap to click on.

Huge Advantage: TCU and the Frogs of War.

How about the actual game?

Well, seeing as an actual giant (6'7" RHP Mitchell Traver) with a Lilliputian ERA (1.60) is facing off against a middle-reliever named Person (LSU never figured out their 3rd starter problem this year), TCU will have a massive pitching advantage.

However, LSU's lineup can embiggen even the smallest man.

Prediction: TCU 6 - LSU 5.

This one really could go either way, and though I would love for it to be a 32 inning no-hitter broken up by that softball lady pointing it out to Coach Schlossnagle, I don't see it that way.  In my mind, LSU opens with a series of mental errors that allow TCU's ... umm... let's call it an offense, to capitalize.  LSU's batters fight like rabid dogs, and claw within one run, only to be cut down by a late inning play at the plate.

That's how I see it, anyway.  What about you?