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Jeren Kendall Hits a Walk-Off Home Run!

Sweet sassy mollassy, we're alive!!! Get your trash can punch ready, your date who never once looks up from her phone, go get black-out and wake up with a dong drawn on your forehead... THE FRESHMAN PARTY CONTINUES!!!

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

John Kilichowski and Kyle Wright kept us in it, but the game ball goes to the leader of the Freshman Party.

On the first pitch, Kendall smoked it foul,  On the 2nd, a well-placed curve on the outside corner, Jeren Kendall hit it deep to the right field bleachers, and moved us into the winner's bracket, where we will face TCU on Tuesday.

I've got to be honest, this is taking me longer to write because I'm running around my apartment, screaming like a maniac, and it's tough to type that way.

On the first pitch of today's resumed game, Zander Wiel gave us hope, doubling to the RF gap off little used reliever Chad Hockman to score Wiseman.  Following that, Fullerton's closer Peitzmeier had us looking foolish - even Dansby Swanson.

In Kendall's first at bat, Peitzmeier made him look silly, as it seemed like he couldn't pick up the ball until it was by him.  Peitzmeier did that to the majority of Vandy hitters until he faced Wiel in the bottom of the 9th.  In that AB, Wiel did exactly what he did his first AB, smashing a double into the gap.  However, he didn't slide, and almost lost his footing on the base.  He held on like grim death, and gave us a chance.

After a Will Toffey K, Bryan Reynolds foiled any plans of an easy CSF 9th.  He traded places with Wiel on a double down the left field line, bringing up freshman LF Jeren Kendall with 1 out, down 1.

The announcers were calling for Reynolds to steal 3rd, and Vandy fans were rooting for that and a sac fly or sac bunt to tie it up.  On the first pitch, Kendall locked in, but hit it foul.  Between pitch 1 and 2, the camera focused on our young star, and he looked calm.  He smiled, and I knew he was going to come through.

...and come through he did.

Sing it, Joe Fisher!