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Donny Everett Turned Down $2.5 Million to Attend Vanderbilt

When I originally speculated odds on him suiting up in the black and gold would fall somewhere between Slim and None, I reminded you that he could always pull a Tyler Beede. Safe to say he wanted to come to Nashville...

Donny Everett, responding to MLB scouts.
Donny Everett, responding to MLB scouts.
Carsten Koall/Getty Images

According to CBS Sports Reporter John Heyman, Donny Baseball's commitment to Vandy was a lot more firm than we all thought.

Hidden in an article about, well, pretty much everything, Heyman drops this nugget of truth on us:

Donny Everett, the hardest throwing prep pitcher in the draft (98 mph) from Clarksville, Tenn. will be headed to Vanderbilt. The Brewers took a flyer on him with a late pick, but he's determined to go to college and turned down bonus offers of $2.5 million or more from others.

The Milwaukee Brewers, who drafted him in the 29th round, made similar Hail Mary signing attempts with other top prospects who fell due to signability concerns.  Can't fault them for taking a swing in rounds that tend to produce nothing but organizational fodder who will never make it past A-ball.  But enough about them... we have the no doubt #1 recruiting class locked up (in fact, you could split the commits that are coming to campus down the middle and we'd have two no-doubt #1 recruiting classes coming in), and it appears only four of our 8 drafted commits will sign with their teams (Watson, McKenzie, Denton, and Wilson).

Be happy now - you'll be able to put all the "will he or won't he" nonsense out of your brain and focus entirely on the CWS.  Well, I will, at least.

If you missed it, I don't blame you at all.  This was the tweet: