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Fulmer Completes Game, Passes Price for Career Shutouts

In a thrilling 2-0 victory over Florida, Carson Fulmer shined as he struck out 11 batters for his third career complete game shutout, passing David Price.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, I watched another complete-game shutout by Carson Fulmer. It was his third complete-game shutout of his career here at Vanderbilt. It was more than David Price.

I was told a couple of times so far this season that some sportscasters neglected Carson Fulmer; that some people don’t deem him "big league quality." And here, I just watched another complete-game shutout in which he resembled nothing less than an ace pitcher in Major League Baseball.

Through the eighth inning, Carson Fulmer was dominant. In the top of the ninth, Hawkins Field erupted when Fulmer took the mound once again.

And head coach Tim Corbin has nothing short to say about the kid, either. "It’s guts and glory every time he’s out there, and that’s what’s special; that’s what separates him."

After a few exchanged words of emotion in the fifth, Fulmer seemed to be fueled and the next three innings were quick for Carson. And there wasn’t any doubt for another complete game, according to Corbs: "He trains like no other, and he’s earned the right to finish the game."

Sometimes, it would seem that Fulmer tries to prove his way as the best pitcher in the conference.

"It’s not about me, personally," Fulmer said, when asked about his league-leading stats and being compared to David Price’s Vanderbilt career. "For me, it just speaks about our program... It's something that we all look forward to hopefully achieving and it's something we all work hard for and definitely respect."

"The stat, it doesn’t show up," Tim Corbin said of Carson Fulmer's abilities. "The biggest stat is what’s inside the chest, and that’s it."