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Regional Game 1: Commodores v. Bisons

Game Thread for Vanderbilt v. David Lipscomb.

Peter Aiken/Getty Images

#1 Vanderbilt (42-19) v. #4 David Lipscomb (39-18)

7pm (ESPN3)

On the Mound

Vanderbilt: Junior RHP Carson "The Florida Flamethrower" Fulmer (11-2, 1.97 ERA)

Lipscomb: Senior RHP Ian "Lady Newscaster Name" Martinez-McGraw (7-3, 2.50 ERA)

We all know about The Florida Flamethrower, but here's a little more info on Lady Newscaster Name Martinez-McGraw:

Martinez-McGraw's fastball sits in the low-mid 80s (82-85mph), and like all RHPs with that type of arm, he's a junk-baller.  Martinez-McGraw throws 4 pitches, and one of them is a knuckleball.  That said, he's not a true knuckleballer, as most of them throw two pitches, primary throwing the knuckleball, and only countering with a fastball when they think the batter's got their timing.  No, this is a guy who throws an occasional knuckleball, which means he hasn't completely mastered the pitch.  Had he been born a lefty, this would scare us.  He wasn't.  We're fine.

However, like LHP Brady "Kirby" Puckett this year, Martinez-McGraw faced Vandy last year and fared pretty well against the National Champions, all things considered.  In a February 19, 2014 game that Vandy won 5-1, Martinez-McGraw threw 8 innings of 7 H, 5 R ball.  He threw 125 pitches that day, as well, so he's likely a rubber-armed soft-tosser (and everything I know about him suggests this is true).

My Take on Starting Fulmer Today:

This should be a relatively easy first game of the tournament for the Dores, though Corbin is clearly taking the Bisons seriously.  Though I would start Pfeifer or Kilichowski today and save Fulmer for tomorrow against IU, Corbs is committed to keep his pitchers on a weekly rotation.  It's a "one game at a time" managerial strategy, and luckily, we have the rotation depth to make it not matter.

As for the Bisons...

Brian, how do you make a word a plural?