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2015 NFL Draft OpenThread: Will Any Commodores Be Called on Day Three?

Vince Taylor, Andrew East, Kyle Woestmann, and Joe Townsend could all hear their names called on day three of the 2015 NFL Draft. Do these former Commodores have a shot in the big leagues?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Two days of the NFL Draft have come and gone, and we still haven't had a Vanderbilt Commodore picked in 2015. With four rounds left, players like Vince Taylor, Kyle Woestmann, Joe Townsend, and Andrew East are on high alert.

Those four players are the team's best candidates to have their names called by Commissioner Roger Goodell on Saturday. Vanderbilt's official site lists Big Vince as the strongest prospect from this year's class of Commodores, but East could push him if teams are looking for a rock solid special teams standout who made as many headlines for his public service off the field as his play on it.

Day three of the 2015 NFL Draft starts at 11am CST. You can catch all the action live on ESPN. And, while you're doing that you can join us in the comments and give us your prognostication on where guys like Taylor and East might end up.