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Dores to Face Mizzourah 1pm Tomorrow


John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Though I'll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I recognize them, Mizzourah pitchers Reggie McClain (7 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 4 K) and closer Breckin Williams (2 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 3 K) pitched the Tigers past the South Cackalacky Game Penises 5-1 in a first round elimination game.

There's a good chance the Penises are done for the year, likely putting an end to a hell of a run of postseason appearances. In fact, there are high school sophomores who have not been alive for one season without a tournament appearance. Barring a minor miracle on Selection Sunday, tonight, they're going to pity party like it's 1999 (the last year they missed out on postseason play).

Though SS Ryan Howard (of the two achilles tendon having Ryan Howards) went 2-4, it was the bottom of the order who powered the Tigers (who?) this afternoon. All 5 RBI came from the 6-9 hitters in a not-exactly-potent-to-begin-with lineup.

Other than the pitchers, the star of the game was junior 1B Zach Lavy, who went 2-2 with a walk and 2 RBI.

Though pitching match-ups have yet to be released, we'll likely face Mizzorah Freshman Ace Tanner Houck, and counter with RS Freshman corner painter Ryan Johnson.

I'll have more later, but I have a faculty meeting now...