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Here at AoG we know what we excel at - public humiliation!

One of the few good images when you search for SEC Baseball Tournament.
One of the few good images when you search for SEC Baseball Tournament.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

During one of my larger bourbon and scotch filled fever dreams last week, I had a vision.  Why should the basketball have all the fun with bracket selection?  Sure, there's considerably more money it, a lot more potential for upsets, and really a lot more overall interest, but baseball über alles.

Thus, I forged ahead, much like T. Boone Pickens at the end of Dr. Strangelove.  (Seriously, riding a nuke all the way down to decimate your foes sounds like a blast.)  I challenged the AoG writers to fill out a bracket for the baseball conference tournament.  I even made a sweet excel sheet so all they had to do was click the bubbles and the bracket auto-populated the winners/losers to the right spots.  CDA seemed to have trouble with this, though it's because he's apparently a poor who can't afford Excel.

The scoring is very simple - each successive round has double the points for a correct pick.  Like some pools you may have played in, I am also giving upset pick points for the first and second round.  A successful upset pick awards the person an extra number of points equal to the difference in the seeds of the teams.  So if Carolina upsets Missouri (they will), you can get 1+3 = 4 points.  If Auburn beats LSU (lol what alternate Universe is this?). you'd get 2 + 8 = 10 points.

So that our shame will be public, I have posted screenshots of everyone's brackets.  I will update this post as the week goes on with the point updates.  Feel free to do what you do best, commentariat - mock often, mock endlessly.  Feel free to also gloat about how you "totally called that game" even though there's no evidence of it.  To aide your mockery, here are ~our picks~.


Andrew VU'04




Christian D'Andrea




(I had to add his at work, that's why it's using filthy windows formatting)