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Quest For a National Seed Scoreboard Watching Recap: 5/15

Our quest for a National Seed continues...

Type "The Shocker" into Getty Images and get Reba giving one to Ol' Taylor Swift.
Type "The Shocker" into Getty Images and get Reba giving one to Ol' Taylor Swift.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Friday's Games of Note (RPI in parentheses):

(11) Vanderbilt wins 7-5 over Alabama [The Dores jumped out to a 6-1 lead in the 2nd, but decided to make us nervous, anyway.]

(8) Florida wins 4-3 over Auburn [Auburn had a 3-0 lead until the 4th, but were determined to crush our dreams.  They can reawaken those dreams with a rubber match win today.]

(6) LSU wins 9-2 over South Cackalacky [The Game Penises still have a lot to play for, so keep an eye on today's rubber match.]

(5) aTm v. Ole Miss Postponed.

Out of Conference

(12) Illinois wins 10-9 over Nebraska

(10) Louisville loses 2-3 to NC State [I still think they're a strong contender for a National Seed regardless, but every little bit helps.]

(9) Missourah State wins 9-2 over Bradley

(7) FSU loses 0-7 to Clemson [Two losses in a row.  Clemson may have had a disappointing season, but they still have a shot at a postseason berth.  Sweep FSU today and have a strong showing in the ACC tourney, and they should make it.  On the flip side, though FSU has already locked up a #1 seed, a loss today could put them out of contention for a National Seed.  Go Clemson!!!]

(4) TCU wins 11-9 over Oklahoma

(3) UCLA wins 1-0 over Arizona

(2) Miami wins 22-1 over Ga Tech [Sweet sassy molassy that's a lot of runs!]

(1) Dallas Baptist loses 3-10 to Wichita State [This may not seem like a big deal, as the RPI loves DBU for no apparent reason.  However, many National Seed projections have DBU as the #8 - last - team to get one.  As such, any losses that will give the National Committee a reason to overlook their inflated RPI is a great thing for Vanderbilt.  Root for the Shockers again today.]

*Note: The RPI has not yet been updated today, so these rankings do not reflect the outcomes of the games listed above.

National Seed Hope Status:

Still alive, and like Leon, it's getting larger.

Tim Corbin will likely be making calls to Jack Leggett all afternoon.  Go Tigers!!!

Auburn, get that dang chaw out your dang mouths and beat the Jorts!  Do it for Jenn!!!

Wichita State: Nothing is more fun than giving a Baptist the Shocker.  Do it for the thrill of it!

Ole Miss: Losing Thursday night and then unleashing your weather machine last night was just to lull aTm into a false sense of security for today's doubleheader.  It's a trap!

Saturday Games To Keep Your Eye On:

Auburn at Florida (12pm SECN+)

Clemson at FSU (12pm ESPN3)

Louisville at NC State (12pm E360)

aTm at Ole Miss (Game 1: 1:30pm; Game 2: 4pm SECN+)

Wichita State at Dallas Baptist (2pm)

Vanderbilt at Alabama (3:30pm SECN)