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Quest for a National Seed: Scoreboard Watching

Well hello there, Auburn... perhaps I don't like riding in my truck...

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday's Games of Note (RPI in parentheses):


(11) Vanderbilt wins 2-1 over Alabama [*Carson Fulmer and Dansby Swanson pretty much did this by themselves.]

(8) Florida loses 1-4 to Auburn

(6) LSU loses 7-10 to South Cackalacky

(5) aTm wins 4-0 over Ole Miss

Out of Conference

(12) Illinois wins 6-3 over Nebraska

(10) Louisville wins 4-3 over NC State

(9) Missourah State wins 2-0 over Bradley

(7) FSU loses 1-4 to Clemson

(4) TCU wins 5-4 over Oklahoma

(3) UCLA (DNP)

(2) Miami wins 3-0 over Ga Tech

(1) Dallas Baptist wins 2-1 over Wichita State

National Seed Hope Status:

Still alive.

Yes, our RPI dropped by one spot (this is what happens when you play a crap team like Bama, even if you win), but a few teams above us lost, and that's always a good thing.

Waaaaaaaaaaar damn eagle!  Go Clemson!  Let the Cocks beat you, LSU!

*Note, I still think LSU gets a National seed, so even if they get Cock-swept, that's not really a series to keep an eye on.

Friday Games To Keep Your Eye On:

Vanderbilt at Alabama (7pm SECN+)

Auburn at Florida (6pm SECN+)

Clemson at FSU (5pm ESPN3)