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Vanderbilt Gets a Power Five Opponent for 2019 - Purdue

Vanderbilt and Purdue will meet on the gridiron to determine who truly deserves to wear the black and gold. The two teams will meet in 2019, according to Boilermaker Athletic Director Morgan Burke.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt found a Power Five opponent for 2019 and beyond - and they'll look familiar despite not having played them since 1942. The Commodores will face off with black and gold Big Ten foe Purdue for multiple games in the future.

Purdue has been in a rut since longtime coach Joe Tiller retired in 2008. Since then, the Boilermakers have gone 26-47 and made the postseason just twice. Vanderbilt didn't fare much better last season, falling to a 3-9 record after going to three straight bowl games under former coach James Franklin.

With at least one game against Purdue on the record, here's what Vandy's future non-conference schedules look like for the next five seasons (courtesy of