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SEC Baseball Power Rankings: Hoover Looms and LSU Has First Place on Lock

LSU rules the roost in the SEC, but a handful of upsets shook up the rest of the conference standings. Here's how college baseball's toughest conference shakes out with one week left before the league tournament.

Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from a big LSU series win, not much else went as planned in the SEC last weekend. Vanderbilt dropped a home series that could have sealed up a national seed when Florida's two-out rally sank them in the ninth inning of their rubber match. Auburn fell into the SEC Tournament danger zone thanks to a sweep at the hands of arch rival Alabama. Kentucky failed to capitalize on Missouri's six straight league losses by dropping two of three to often-woeful Georgia.

That led to a shakeup in the middle of the rankings. While LSU held serve and Tennessee began to furnish their residence in the league basement, the SEC's 7-13 spots all shifted as teams make their final push towards the conference tournament. Six teams will vie for the final four tickets to Hoover, AL to play for the league crown. Alabama and Georgia are currently on the outside looking in, but another weekend of upsets could extend their seasons by at least one week.

Here's how the SEC shook out with only three games remaining in league play:

Rank LW Team Overall SEC Analysis
Working Towards National Seeds
1 1 LSU 44-8 19-7 Simply put, they're a behemoth. I still think they lack enough pitching depth for that to be a plus for them, but their lineup has literally no holes in it. Also, their defense is the best in the league. Crap. -AVU
2 3 Vanderbilt 37-16 18-9 Losing the rubber match in extras to Florida (especially how we lost it) is not helping us get a National Seed. However, we have locked up a Regional Host spot, and with a sweep of Bama and a strong showing in Hoover, a National Seed (top 8) is not out of the question. We're still the most talented non-LSU team in the nation. -AVU
3 4 Florida 38-14 17-10 Proved their mettle with a come-from-behind series victory in Nashville. A national seed is now in play. - CD
4 2 Texas A&M 42-9 17-9 They're good, certainly, but I still think they've overachieved this year. Their pitching staff is good, not great. Their offense is good, not great. They're good, certainly, but there's not a lot that intimidates you about this team. -AVU
Second Tier in the SEC Still Means the Chance to Host Regional
5 5 Arkansas 31-19 15-11 Still a solid all-around team. Could get hot. Could also flame out go 2 and Cue in Hoover and the NCAA tournament. -AVU
A Totally Volatile Grab Bag of Teams
6 6 Missouri 28-24 14-13 These guys were 14-7 two weeks ago. - CD They're impossibly boring to watch, but they do have a solid pitching staff (well, better than solid, really) and a Ryan Howard with two functioning achilles tendons. They'll make the tourney, but likely as a #2. -AVU
7 10 Ole Miss 29-24 14-13 The Ackbars are still pretty good, but nothing like they were last year. Will have to have a strong showing in Hoover to make the postseason. Have the looks of a "last team out" team. -AVU
8 9 South Carolina 31-22 12-15 Somehow, I see them sweeping their way into postseason contention. Too talented to be this snakebit all year. -AVU
9 7 Kentucky 28-23 12-14 Can still make a push, and they have the best CF in baseball. However, I have been saying this all year... -AVU
10 8 Auburn 33-20 12-15
This space reserved for Jenn's tears after Auburn was swept by 'Bama this weekend. - CD I like riding in my truck... -AVU
11 12 Alabama 29-24 11-16 Bama's reward for sweeping Auburn is a chance to host a pissed-off Vandy team. Hoover is in range, but it certainly won't be easy. - CD
The Season's Juuuuust About Over.
12 13 Georgia 25-26 9-17 Still very meh. -AVU
13 11 Mississippi State 24-27 8-19 Done. -AVU
14 14 Tennessee 21-25 8-18 Dave Serrano locked down his third losing season in four years at Tennessee. Let's hope the Vols keep him. - CD