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Fulmer K's 14, Dores Win 6-0

Nothing much else needs to be said.

The Man.
The Man.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Flamethrower went the full 9, throwing 120+ pitches of dominance, striking out a career high 14 Ole Miss Ole Missians.

Though I would have liked for Corbs to go to the pen after Carson hit pitch 111 in the 8th, there was no chance anyone was going to pull him from the mound without a fight.

Fulmer's fastball peaked at 96mph and hit 94mph on his last pitch of the game.  Better than that, his change-up looked better than I've ever seen.  It was still running a little hot - 87-88mph - but it had great tail side run, and was baffling all comers.  However, the fastball is his best weapon, and he K'd the last 5 on the back of that fastball.

On the offensive side, we went happy-go-jacky on Christian "Terence D'arby" Trent, scoring 6 runs - four of them solo shots.  Swanson, Wiel, Reynolds, and Wiseman all went yard and each one was a no doubter.

In short, this was about as perfect a game as we'll have.  Fulmer served first; it's Buehler's turn tomorrow to try and top that.

Let's go ahead and wrap this up with a quote from the broadcast booth immediately after interviewing Fulmer at the end of the game:

"Pfeiffer was about to hit him with the pie, but maybe he changed his mind, because Fulmer is a black belt, and he might have roundhouse kicked him in the face."