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What's Up, Ya Sieve?

How a few late night viewings of Miracle led to the discovery of Vanderbilt Hockey for one Nashville transplant.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Not long ago, I casually mentioned to a friend of mine how I had never seen the movie, Miracle.

I know, I know. I'm a disgrace. My friend, however, mentioned he owned it and would let me borrow it sometime. He surprised me that weekend by releasing the gem of a 2004 DVD case into my possession, and, boy, did it make my entire weekend... Until I realized my Xbox broke and I didn't have a DVD player.

During my trip to Auburn, I stayed with my cousin in Atlanta. Upon my return from the loveliest village on the plains (at approximately 4 am), I decided I needed to take advantage of the opportunity to watch a DVD.

So, I did.

And I fell in love.

From the very first time Jack O'Callahan approached Jim Craig in the first 15 minutes of the movie and said, "What's up, ya sieve?" I knew this would become my absolute favorite hockey movie of all-time, and permanently mark its territory as a top-5 all-time sports movie in my list.

"The legs feed the wolves."

I loved it so much, in fact, that I downloaded a DVD player for my computer and watched it three more times... in only two days. And then I made my roommate watch it with me.

Given that it's baseball season (finally), my usual reaction to anything hockey anymore is, "Who cares? It's baseball season."

But this movie changes everything. Nothing compares to the genuine vibe given from the Conehead line (pass, shoot and score), Schneider's son playing his dad in the film, the 1970s haircuts and mustaches or the Hollywood-esque portrayal of the phenomenal Miracle On Ice in the 1980 Olympics.

It may be my personal love of how the Olympic Games influence politics in such a way that you, as the spectator or even the athlete, don't realize until years later... But I love this movie. And it got me to love college hockey more than ever. Which got me thinking...

Why doesn't Vanderbilt have a club hockey team? One quick google search gave me the answer...

It does!

Which lead to my next immediate question: Why the hell haven't I heard about it until just now?

With the Nashville Predators coming off of a recent success-and-collapse and progressing back toward the Stanley Cup that everyone wants, I figured hockey would get a little bit more attention in the Nashville area. The Junior Preds are getting notice, and the Nashville Flyers have made some appearances around town, as well. More of my friends are looking into rec-league hockey, and yet I have still not heard about the Vanderbilt club team.

This needs to change.

"You want me to take your test? I'll take your test."

Every now and again, I want to highlight some of the sports and athletes that don't get the recognition baseball, basketball and football provide. I want to go to a tennis match, or a swimming competition, or an ice hockey tournament. Did anybody else know the Frozen Four is coming up? No. Because we're not in the north and no southern school has an NCAA hockey team anyway.

Did you know that the Vanderbilt hockey club went 19-5-1 this past season? Did you know that's actually pretty good?

I want to emphasize the athletes who may not be going professional in the sport they love, but rather are blessed and appreciate the opportunity to represent their school while getting the wonderful education Vanderbilt provides.

I want to watch the amateur athletes get inspired the way Herb Brooks inspired the 1980 Olympic team... And the way Mike Eruzione yelled out, "I PLAY FOR... THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."

But seriously. If nothing else, go watch Miracle. The accents alone will make you swoon.