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The Omen: Damian Jones Returning for Junior Season

Welcome to Hell, Southeastern Conference.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Vanderbilt delivered a fatal dose of antacid to the ever-growing ulcers in the stomachs of Commodore fans everywhere: Damian Jones elected to put his NBA aspirations on hold for at least one more season.

Jones is currently projected to be the seventeenth overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft according to Draft Express. If he can make a Kaminsky-esque jump from his Sophomore to Junior season, Damian would undoubtedly lock himself in as Vanderbilt's first lottery pick in the modern era.

Here are the choice quotes from the press release:

"After consulting with my family and Coach Stallings, I felt it was in my best interest to return to Vanderbilt next season," said Jones. "I love it here at Vanderbilt, and I am extremely excited about our team. I can't wait to start working toward making our team better this spring."

"We're thrilled that Damian has decided to return for his junior season," said Vanderbilt head coach Kevin Stallings. "This was a process that he and his family took very seriously, and we're happy that he came to this decision. Damian has the potential to be one of the top big men in the country next season, and we're excited to see him work with a promising group of returnees and outstanding incoming players this spring and summer to see that come to fruition."

Get you season tickets now. Next season is going to be epic.