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Vanderbilt Scores 7 in the First Inning

We wanted to see how they reacted to last night's disappointing game? Well... 7-0 after 1 inning ought to answer that.

Our first inning hero.
Our first inning hero.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

THOSE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED's Sunday starter Hunter "Gatherer" Martin will end up with a 162 ERA on the day, as he only went 1/3 of an inning.  Martin started out by retiring Ro Coleman - as Vandy's lead-off hitter search continues -but gave up back to back singles to Wiseman and Swanson.  Wiel laced a double off the monster, scoring Wiseman and moving Swanson to 3rd.  The Aluminum Foil was hit, loading them up for Toffey.   Toffey hit it hard, but it could have been a double play if not for 1B Maggio's horrid defense.  He Ole'd it into the outfield, and Swanson and Wiel scored.  Campbell worked a walk, and Martin left with 3 runs on the board and the bases loaded.

Dave Serrano went to the pen, and reliever Steven Kane promptly hung a curve to Karl Ellison.

Hot Karl tattoed it to the left-center gap for his 2nd career HR and first career Grand Slam.

Corbs ran Coleman into an inning ending out at home, or this inning might still be going.

Just thought you all would like to know that.

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