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NIT Prediction Thread: Wednesday March 18th

If you don't pick Vanderbilt, you're dead to us.

The winners of the NIT get a Stanley Cup, apparently.
The winners of the NIT get a Stanley Cup, apparently.
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Rules are the same as yesterday.  I'll post exactly what I wrote yesterday now:

As I can't code, and even if I could, wouldn't be able to code up a website that allows you to bet on an NIT bracket in the amount of time I'm willing to devote to this concept (read: the 15 minutes it will take to put up this article and hit publish), you'll get to pick the winner of today's 7 NIT games.  I'll continue to do this throughout the tournament.

1) Read which teams are playing, who they are playing, and guess which one wins each game.

2) Post your picks in the comments (I'll go first to show you how it's done).

3) Tell your best friend he's an idiot for thinking Iona could win a damned game (or some such nonsense).

4) Fight to the death.

*#4 is optional.

8 Bucknell v. 1 Temple - 7pm ESPN3

5 Arizona State v. 4 UCONN - 7pm ESPN2

8 Charlston Southern v. 1 Old Dominion - 7:15pm ESPN3

8 St. Francis v. 1 Richmond - 7:30pm ESPN3

5 Green Bay v. 4 Illinois State - 8pm ESPNU

5 Vanderbilt v. 4 St. Mary's - 9pm ESPN2

8 South Dakota State v. 1 Colorado State - 10pm ESPNU

*All times EST