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NIT Prediction Thread: Tuesday March 17th

Just because there's no NIT bracket doesn't mean you can't test your ability to prognosticate.

The NCAA has turned their back on your NIT office gambling wishes.
The NCAA has turned their back on your NIT office gambling wishes.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Admit it.  The reason you're somewhat less than enthused about the NIT is there's no widespread degenerative gambling associated with it going on in your office.  We at Anchor of Gold find that deplorable, and, frankly, we wonder why you would want to remain employed in a dystopian wasteland like this.

As I can't code, and even if I could, wouldn't be able to code up a website that allows you to bet on an NIT bracket in the amount of time I'm willing to devote to this concept (read: the 15 minutes it will take to put up this article and hit publish), you'll get to pick the winner of today's 9 NIT games.  Tomorrow, I will release the 7 NIT games played then (including ours).  It's as simple as your cousin who pets the dog too roughly.

1) Read which teams are playing, who they are playing, and guess which one wins each game.

2) Post your picks in the comments (I'll go first to show you how it's done).

3) Tell your best friend he's an idiot for thinking Iona could win a damned game (or some such nonsense).

4) Fight to the death.

*#4 is optional.

*Edit: Apparently, you can only post one poll per article, so rather than clogging up AoG with 9 poll articles, I'm just going to ask you to post your picks in the comments.

Here are tonight's games:

6 Iona v. 3 Rhode Island - 7pm ESPNU

7 NC Central v. 2 Miami - 7pm ESPN2

5 GWU v. 4 Pitt - 7pm ESPN

6 CMU v. 3 La. Tech - 7:30pm ESPN 3

7 W&M v. 2 Tulsa - 8:15pm ESPN3

6 Alabama v. 3 Illinois - 9pm ESPN

6 UTEP v. 3 Murray State - 9pm ESPN2

7 Montana v. 2 aTm - 9pm ESPNU

7 UC Davis v. 2 Stanford - 11pm ESPN2

*all times EST