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Yahoo!'s Woody Wommack: Josh Smith, Donovan Sheffield Could Have Immediate Impact for Commodores

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Vanderbilt made a statement by adding a pair of ESPN Top 300 recruits in 2015.'s Woody Wommack stops by to talk about which of those players could make an instant impact - and which overlooked prospect could be the next Jordan Matthews.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt tied a bow on their 2015 recruiting cycle by sealing up 18 commitments and a top 50 class of athletes. While Derek Mason can sit back and relax - at least for a few minutes - there are still several questions that surround the newest Commodores. Fortunately, Southeast recruiting expert Woody Wommack was kind enough to sit down with me and answer a few questions about what Vandy fans can expect this fall:

That's a solid 9:30 of interview, so here are a few juicy tidbits to whet your appetite:

On the signing of four-star linebacker Josh Smith:

Josh Smith, probably over the month of January, was probably the hottest linebacker prospect in the country. You had Georgia, Florida State, Oregon was calling...

On Mason's recruiting pipelines and getting comfortable in the south:

From what I've heard, [Vandy staff] are going to double down on their efforts in and around Nashville. I know coach Mason...has personally reached out to some people who are well connected with a lot of prospects [in middle Tennessee].

On the overlooked prospect that could become the next Jordan Matthews or Zac Stacy:

I really like Jared Pinkney, the wide receiver out of the north Atlanta area. I don't think he has the speed...but I watched him play games against guys who are four-star guys and he really knows how to use his size as an advantage.

Check out the full interview to hear everything the Mr. Wommack had to say about one of the best recruiting classes in Commodore history.