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Winter Meetings Whisperings: Is Sonny Next?

A presence at the MLB Winter Meetings means access to all the player trade rumors, sports network TV sets, and reporters who have a lot to say about potential trades. An hour after Swanson was traded to the Braves, I chatted with CSN A's Insider about the future of Sonny Gray.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With the big move by the Diamondbacks trading Dansby Swanson to the Braves, it's hard to imagine two huge potential trades going down at the Winter Meetings this year. But rev up your imaginary engines, people, because there have been whisperings about Sonny Gray's future with the Oakland Athletics.

I managed to get a quick chat with Comcast Sportsnet's A's Insider Joe Stiglich to ask him his thoughts on Sonny's future with the Athletics, in light of the Braves' big move acquiring Dansby Swanson and company for Shelby MillerWith arbitration for Sonny not even starting until next year, Stiglich doesn't think trading Gray is in the near future for the athletics.

"I think the A's really value what they have in Gray. They're always trying to look for young, affordable pitchers. The trades they make tend to bring back guys like Sonny, so I think they've got the kind of guy that they really go out looking for."

It also doesn't seem likely that the A's will sign Gray to a multi-year contract immediately, either.

"I think they wanna see how the team builds around him the next couple years, and if they have a winning team or if they continue to struggle and finish in last place like they did last year. Maybe then it would make sense to deal him. Right now, there's a lot of talk about Sonny getting traded, and I don't think it's going to happen."

Exhale. So, nothing to worry about, right Vandy fans? Sonny might not be getting a multi-year contract this December, but he's for sure not getting traded... Right? Right???

"Never say never," Joe says. Let's not forget other trades the A's have made in the past, "despite what they've said publicly and to the media."

Regardless, the A's scribe seems confident that basically nothing will happen.

"Sonny is kind of the leader of their young pitching core right now, so that's why I don't see it happening this off-season."