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Coach Cameron Norcross Anchors Down

Learn more about Vanderbilt's new offensive line coach.

Coaching Search has reported that Fresno State Offensive Line Coach Cameron Norcross will be joining Vanderbilt's staff.  Norcross is coming from a Fresno State team that struggled in pass protection this year, giving up 27 sacks on the season (Vanderbilt gave up 28).  The Bulldogs also struggled in the running game; they gained just 3.8 YPC on 423 attempts.

Now for the good news, those 27 sacks came on 403 passing attempts where as Vanderbilt's 28 came on 376 pass attempts.  That being said, Coach Norcross certainly isn't getting this job based off his work last season.  Quite frankly he shouldn't. Fresno State was a young team...and they were an awful team.

So how is this hire any different than Lightner?  Well for starters, Coach Norcross was part of the group that installed the Pistol Offense at Nevada.  He was the one opening up the holes for the three headed rushing attack lead by now-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  Not sure if it tips the hand as to what Vanderbilt is planning, but the fact that he has experience coaching in the Pistol offense could be beneficial (hell, he practically perfected the running game for it under Ault).

There is a lot more to this hire than meets the eye.  Cameron Norcross hasn't reeled in any big fish while at Fresno State, but that doesn't mean he hasn't tried.  Now we're going to get an experienced recruiter in the state of California (something that could be huge for Vanderbilt).

While we won't know how things change until spring practice starts, we at least will know that Coach Norcross will have a lot more size than he had at either Fresno State or Nevada.