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Vandy Tackles MTSU In 17-13 Victory

Vanderbilt holds on through the fourth quarter to take a 17-13 victory over cross-town rival MTSU.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

After a stellar display of defense last week against Ole Miss, Vanderbilt came out with a late show of offense as they pulled past MTSU 17-13.

The game started slow with each team scoring a field goal in the first quarter, and MTSU eventually taking the lead with another field goal before the half, making the game 6-3. From that point, the game much resembled a ping pong match. Each team would gain a few yards, gain a few more yards, lose an unreasonable amount of yards and then punt to the other team. This stayed that way through halftime.

The game didn't change much until the fourth quarter, when things looked to be bad for Vanderbilt.

MTSU actually scored a touchdown. Stockstill completed a pass to Batties for 18 yards for a touchdown, which brought the score to a looming 13-3. To those who thought all was lost, I tip my hat to you, for I was in the same boat.

That boat took a positive turn for the Commodores to avoid the depths of Poseidon (we're still talking about Commodores in the Navy, right?) as that Vandy defense held MTSU to that single touchdown. Late in the fourth quarter, however, Vanderbilt improved, and improved, and improved, until...

McCrary brought the score to a 13-10 deficit as the Dores were building momentum in the run game. A full five minutes passed and the Commodores had the ball back again, when Ralph Webb came through with 1:12 left in the game and ran for 39 yards for a touchdown.

The Commodores sealed the victory getting the ball back again half a minute later. A much-needed victory to put the Commodores back on the board and show that these improvements aren't just a fluke. Whatever else happens in the SEC, one thing stays certain: Derek Mason knows what to do with his defense, and the improvements just keep on comin'.