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Did you know that Carolina was around for about 80 years before that pretender school in California? *Star Wipe* The more you knowwwwww.

Do it again, Mr. Sims
Do it again, Mr. Sims
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(I was at the Devils-Sharks game last night and as such am writing this Saturday morning with a tremendous hangover... so bear with me.)

We beat MTSU, but hoo boy, it looked grim there for a while.  I had the fortunate benefit of knowing the score before watching the replay, but still, that wasn't a fun game.  Nonetheless, we won a game we should have.

Honestly, I'm glad I was otherwise distracted during that game, because I would have lost it against some of our own fans.  This is the part in the season after all where we all turn on each other like a mutinous crew.  VUfanInTX gives you a cocktail to drink no matter what kind of fan you are.

I don't know if it's USC being awful this year, or people finally starting to realize our defense is quite good and it's just our offense that's not executing, but we're finally getting respect in the community power polls.  Not just that, but TSK argues that we're poised to spoil everyone's fun in the East. Just a reminder, keep a look out for our ballot starting tomorrow (or even later tonight). AoG reader/commentor lsmsrbls runs the AoG ballot as a community effort.  So keep an eye out.

Speaking of unbridled enthusiasm (didn't I tell y'all last time that's what brought about Billy Mumphrey's downfall?). Parlagi seems to think that we can get to a bowl game with a five win season.  It makes the point that there may be no other choice than to take five win teams this year, and we'd be the best.  I have to say, consider how the bowl selection committes treated us when we won eight. Even then they didn't want us.

That's all for footbaw in the AoG world.  Tom has been lighting it up recently with the basketball.  First, exploring the stupidity that is the meme that the SEC sucks at basketball (we don't) and a recruiting update.  Finally, we've been ranked at #20 by the coaches in the preseason poll, we've got a lot to look forward this winter!


In place of my normal making fun of teams losing, I'm just going to take a last moment to salute the love of my life, Steve Spurrier.  The college football world was shocked to find that Steve Spurrier retired, effective immediately.  Rumors of this being Spurrier's last year were already circulating given how terrible USC has been playing this year, but to do it so suddenly, that was a shock.

Well, it was a shock to people who believe in nice nice and sunshine and rainbows.  Spurrier never was one to hold back, and that's a big reason why people loved him.  It's unfortunate that so many people who "love" him love him like that crazy relative that just says crazy crap.  I 100% believe in his way of coaching.  Don't coddle your players, don't coddle your fans, be honest and be direct and people respond.

Unfortunately, he is probably the last of the old guard that understood what gets players motivated.  If you think its too mean to be calling out your players for playing badly, I suspect you never played competitive sports.  The college world is going to miss the old ball coach, and I really hope he continue to be a part of the game in some way.

A lot of people want him on ESPN, but I just don't think I want that.  Lou Holtz made a fool of himself in his years on there, and I just don't want to see Spurrier's career end like that.


As I said earlier, I'm barely lucid right now, so here's a list of games I like without my usual commentary or links. Spoiler SEC football is in full swing so....

  • #10 Alabama @ #9 Aggie - 15:30 ET CBS
  • #8 Florida @ #6 LSU - 19:00 ET ESPN
  • Your Pac12 degenerate game of the week: Oregon @ Washington 22:30 ESPN2.


We're all in this weird state of expecting us to win but realizing our offense is terrible, so not expecting a big win.  Hell, even B&BA doesn't think terribly highly of their chances given how they responded to our questions.  You can see how CDA answered their questions over here.  Really, we're all expecting a hilarious comedy of errors.  Think about that USC-Missouri game a little while ago.

VU Injury Report

USC Injury Report


So here we are.  The statement game of the season... the game that can inspire our boys that they're good enough to beat the other trash teams in the East (I'M LOOKING AT YOU MISSOURI).  As always, please drop by the gamethread and gripe and moan about how we can't move the dang ball.

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