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Wes McGriff spurns Vanderbilt...but why?

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The former Commodore Coach has spurned Vanderbilt...but why?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When word came out that Wesley McGriff was indeed planning on becoming Vanderbilt's defensive coordinator, many of us were extremely excited.  Almost to the point that we were ready to do cartwheels down Broadway wearing our Vandy Lance boxers.  Then reports came out that McGriff in fact intends to stay with the New Orleans Saints, leaving many of us to simply ask ourselves...why?

This comes off the heels of McGriff meeting with Head Coach Sean Payton (one of my idols), while nobody knows for sure why McGriff is staying put in New Orleans a lot of people think this meeting might have had a job offer tied in with it.  Rob Ryan is considered to be the scape goat of a failed experiment in New Orleans and a lot of people think that Rob Ryan might be on the outside looking in when he has his meeting with Sean Payton.  If that is the case we can only assume that Wes McGriff is in fact going to be the new Defensive Coordinator in New Orleans (which wouldn't be a terrible hire).

While this is all speculation, I have a hard time believing that anything else is plausible at this point.  I think that honestly it would have taken a lot for McGriff to not want a defensive coordinator role in the SEC, and a defensive coordinator role in the NFL is certain fitting of that category.  Either way McGriff will still be in black and gold next year, just not the black and gold we want.  I think I speak for us all when I say we still wish Coach Crime Dog the best of luck.

The big question is, where does Vanderbilt go from here?  Leave your comments and predictions down below.