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USA Today's Sagarin Ratings Place Vandy Behind 26 I-AA Teams, Including Tennessee State, Chattanooga

Jeff Sagarin's computer ratings may hate Vanderbilt's 2014 season more than Commodore fans do. His rankings have the 'Dores placed 132nd in the country - last in the SEC and behind 26 FCS programs.

Ye gods.
Ye gods.

Jeff Sagarin's computer ratings use a formula to rank every Division I football team in the nation. After two weeks, he formula has very little faith in the Vanderbilt Commodores.

Sagarin's ratings have Vandy occupying the 132nd spot in the country after their 0-2 start. The 'Dores, who have yet to score an offensive touchdown this season, are ranked ahead of just one program from a BCS conference (#167 Purdue) and lay 75 spots behind the next-closest SEC program (#57 Arkansas).

Here's the list of AA teams that are currently rated higher than the Commodores:

30. North Dakota State
58. Northern Iowa
62. Southern Illinois
69. Villanova
72. Illinois State
73. South Dakota State
74. Montana
78. McNeese State
81. William & Mary
84. Eastern Washington
87. New Hampshire
91. Bethune-Cookman
95. SE Louisiana
97. Jacksonville State
102. Coastal Carolina
104. Youngstown State
105. Montana State
113. Eastern Kentucky
120. Tennessee State
121. South Dakota
122. Chattanooga
123. Princeton
128. Liberty
129. Wofford
130. Northern Arizona
131. Portland State

132. Vanderbilt

Takeaways from this? Well, Derek Mason's team is currently the 6th-best team in the state of Tennessee. They rank behind scourges of the badlands like South Dakota State, North Dakota State, South Dakota, Montana, and Montana State. These ratings would place the team in the "Receiving Votes" category of the FCS top 25 after finishing the equivalent of 27th among FCS programs.

But hey, we're still better than Purdue.