Coach Karl Dorrell Hero, Villain, or Innocent Bystander?

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As a somewhat active commenter on AoG, I thought a fanpost would be a good way to dip my toe into the water into expounding on my thoughts. To give you some background on me, I have a PhD in Electrical Engineering (VU'12), which means, as my father likes to remind me, I can change light bulbs very well. It also means I know how to do research and finding interesting pieces of information. This post is my attempt at shedding some light on this season's Vanderbilt Villain -- Offensive Coordinate Karl Dorrell.

Scouring the web for tidbits, I found the below articles. When you have a chance, I recommend you read them. However, if you are reading this post on the toilet and don't want to get hemorrhoids, I'll summarize them for you.

Nov. 2011 - 2011 Reflection on Karl Dorrell

After getting fired as UCLA's HC, Dorrell went out and rebuilt his reputation by filling various coaching roles in the NFL with the final, as the time of the article as QB coach of the Miami Dolphins. The article focuses on the idea that Karl is a "good guy", who kept his mouth shut and didn't criticize the staff that took over from him at UCLA. It is noted that while at UCLA, he focused too much on trying to rebuild the reputation of the program after the previous administrations numerous scandals. Karl does say, "I learned from being a first-time head coach and [that] is going to allow me and enable me to [be] better when I get this next opportunity." I'll let the commenters have fun with that quote.

Aug. 2014 - 2014 - Coaches and Wives Connected

The article focuses on the closeness of Mason and Dorrell and how they formed a bond during their time at Northern Arizona. Mason was a young 20-something cornerback on the team and Dorrell was a late 20-something offensive coordinator. The most interesting thing I learned in the article is that both coach's wives were college roommates together at Northern Arizona together. I'll tell you right now as a happily married man, Mason is not going to fire Dorrell unless he doesn't want to stay married. I think it is very easy to see that both coaches wives are probably great friends and happy to be living in the same city with each other again. Here is another quote for Dorrell on his confidence in Mason's abilities to be the head coach, "He [Mason] has done everything the right way," Dorrell said. "The biggest thing is protecting our best assets, which are our players. He has directed his energy to developing and making those guys have everything that is needed for them to be successful. That's rule No. 1. That's given us our best chance right now."

Aug. 2014 - 2014 - Deja Vu?

The above article is just fun to read. I am not going judge Dorrell until the end of the season, but the writer from Bruins' Nation does make a fun case that the results Vanderbilt fans are seeing is nothing new. I recommend you read the link to the 2007 Bruinsnation blog post and see if any of the critiques on Dorrell then are the same today.

So where do I stand on Dorrell you ask? We should give him at least this season to show us something with that something being an improved offense at the end of the season. Dorrell may not have survived at UCLA, but he did have success as an OC at Northern Arizona and University of Washington.

Coach Dorrell in his own words:

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