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3* LB With A 5* Name: Dare Odeyingbo Anchors Down!

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I know next to nothing about this kid, but that's an all world name if I've ever seen one. And I've seen a few.

Dare Odeyingbo
Dare Odeyingbo
Dallas News

The 6'1", 225 lb inside linebacker from Irving, Texas chose to anchor down today during one of our bigger prospect hosting weekends of this summer.

But no one cares about any of that.  We need to get to work on some nicknames right quick.

Hmm... Captain Pig Latin?

No.  Too much of a thinker.

Double Dog Dare Odeyingbo?

Getting closer.

Dare To Run On Us?

Hold on... the brain needs a shot of whisky to kick it into gear.

[Goes to liquor cabinet.  Finds a small amount of Texas whisky left.  Drinks.]

It was there all along.  No nickname needed.  We just need to put on a different shirt for the blackout.


[Drops mic; walks away.]