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ESPN Unveils Vanderbilt's SEC Network Custom Animation, Distills An Entire Athletic Program Down to 15 Seconds

The SEC Network has distilled Vanderbilt into a simple 15 second animation. It's like that weird anthropomorphic ESPNU logo, only not as creepy and actually having something to do with the school.

Baseball championships, Zac Stacy, and a trumpet. Nailed it.
Baseball championships, Zac Stacy, and a trumpet. Nailed it.

ESPN has just released their custom, 15-second graphics for every school in the SEC in advance of the unveiling of their latest cash cow Paul Finebaum fetish media venture, the SEC Network. You can find the video in its entirety here:

If you can't watch the video, here are the highlights, in order of when they appear:

  1. Kirkland Hall.
  2. Jeffery Taylor.
  3. Nerds.
  4. A trumpet, for some reason.
  5. 2014 CWS Champs!
  6. Zac Stacy and Wesley Tate during a ritual pregame sumo match.
  7. Johnell Thomas getting to (at least) third base with the Music City Bowl trophy.

Not included: Women's bowling, Brett Upson's Music City Bowl MVP Award, A.J. Ogilvy's mustache, Kevin Stallings crying into a towel (aw.), Ted Skuchas's haircut, victories over Tennessee in ANY sport, Tim Corbin smiling, or Robbie Caldwell claiming ultimate victory over SEC Media Days.

What do you guys think? Is this better than the ESPNU graphic you see below?