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Carey "Murderleg" Spear Cut By Eagles

Spear will now need another team to claim him to resume his career of crippling Cordarelle Patterson.

One of the best moments in human history.
One of the best moments in human history.

For those following the camp battle between Eagles kickers, this should not be a surprise.  Spear was brought in to battle incumbent field goal shanker Alex Henery, but even though Henery continues to miss seemingly all the kicks, Spear never truly pushed him for the job.

Spear quickly became an Eagles fan favorite because of course he did, garnering almost daily blog posts about his ability to swallow the souls of all who dared to return his kicks, but apparently you also have to occasionally make field goal kicks to be an NFL kicker (citation needed).

Spear has seen no action in the preseason - which is never a good omen if you want to make the team - but the writing on the wall was etched in granite when the Eagles brought in former Auburn kicker Cody Parkey.

It appears that Spear's dream of becoming an NFL kicker has taken a crushing blow, but if Murderleg knows one thing, it's crushing blows.

Of course, if my pitch meeting this week goes well, Spear will not need to make an NFL team to make a career out of delivering spine-crunching blows to Cordarelle Patterson.

Look for "Here's the Kicker" err, "Murderleg, She Wrote," umm... "Carey Spear Repeatedly Pounds Cordarelle Patterson Into A Jelly" this fall, following "Simon Sees" on Investigation Discovery.