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Kedren Johnson Announces That He Will Play for Memphis

Kedren Johnson has a new home - and he didn't even have to leave the state of Tennessee. The talented guard was not allowed to return to Vanderbilt, but he'll be able to continue his NCAA basketball career at Memphis.

Former Vanderbilt point guard Kedren Johnson, who led the team in scoring as a sophomore, has announced that he will attend the University of Memphis and continue his basketball (and music) careers there. From his Instagram account:

This isn't a throwback picture to my Marshall Couty High School days. This is my future. I'm going to be finishing up my college basketball career, as well as my broadening my education and knowledge for music at the University of Memphis. For the next two years I'm going to go as hard as god will let me on and off the court. Thanks to all the Vanderbilt fans yall were awesome..

- Kedren Johnson

Vanderbilt announced that Johnson would not be returning to the program last Friday. He had been suspended from the university for the 2013-2014 school year for an unspecified violation of school policies. The talented scorer will now have a chance to make an impact for one of Tennessee's other basketball powerhouses on the western side of the state. He did not state whether or not he would be eligible to play this fall.