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Tyler Beede Signs With Giants for $2.65 Million

Long story short: Come to Vandy and get a National Championship and at least $150k more than you would have out of high school, even if you falter towards the end of your junior season.

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...and he celebrates!
...and he celebrates!

Tyler Beede, the 14th overall pick, just signed with the Giants for slightly over slot ($36,800 over slot to be exact).  Congrats to Young Beedah, and we wish you well as you commence the long slog of bus trips and towns you've never heard of to climb through the Giants' system.

Here's more on the signing from The Tennessean.

I'm not a Giants fan, but their track record with pitchers is impeccable.  90s era Braves impeccable.  I have a feeling they'll iron out Beede's mechanical issues and have him pitching in the Bay Area by 2017.  Or not... but he'll still have that $2.65 mil, so there would be no reason to shed a tear if that comes to pass.

In other news, Vandy just received a new 2015 commit: Walker Grisanti, an OF/C from Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, TN.  He's not listed as a commit on Perfect Game, yet, but should be soon.