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Oddsmakers: Vanderbilt Football's 2014 Win Total Over/Under is Set at 6

Bovada had no confidence in Vanderbilt's ability to win the SEC (250/1!). They gave the Commodores a bit more respect when they came up with the over/under number for Vandy's total wins this fall.

Six wins? I can make you some money this fall.
Six wins? I can make you some money this fall.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt may have the worst odds in the SEC when it comes to winning a conference title, but bookmarkers are more confident in their ability to earn some victories in 2014. Bovada recently announced their Over/Under lines for the upcoming football season and the oddsmakers have put Vandy's tipping point at six wins this fall. However, the odds favor Derek Mason falling short of that mark in his first season as head coach:


While that figure draws the line between bowl eligibility and a cold, cruel football-less December, it's still better than some other SEC teams - all of whom earned better conference championship odds than the Commodores:




3 1/2 wins! And yet, plunking down $10 on an unlikely UK conference title would yield $1,500 less than if you bet on Vanderbilt and their Bender v. the Destructor-style odds. Unreal.

To Tennessee, Arkansas, and Kentucky's credit, Bovada favors each of those teams to finish the season with more victories than their lines suggest. In fact, Vanderbilt is the only team in the SEC whose odds would pay out more for exceeding their projected win expectations rather than falling short of them. That certainly seems like a sign that bookies have no idea what to make of Mason and his abilities to win with James Franklin's seasoned recruits.