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SEC Media Days Openthread: Derek Mason, Vandy Players Speak at 4pm CST

SEC Media Days is the unofficial kickoff for the 2014 college football season. Come follow what Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason has to say about the challenges he'll face in his first year with the program.

Tough break, Missouri.
Tough break, Missouri.
Aaron M. Sprecher

Ever wondered what Paul Finebaum sees in the ethereal moments before falling asleep in a mansion built from the crushed dreams of Vanderbilt fans? You can get a surprisingly SFW sneak peek today when the SEC's coaches and top players descend on Hoover, Alabama for SEC Media Days. The event is the unofficial start of college football season for most fans, and Vanderbilt's own Derek Mason earned a first day slot to discuss his expectations in Nashville.

Mason has some big shoes to fill in front of the media. Robbie Caldwell set the tone for Vanderbilt coaches by giving an all-time Media Days classic back in 2010. Those self-deprecating jokes about turkey insemination turned out to be the highlight of his Commodore head coaching tenure. Hey, at least we have the memories, right?

James Franklin did much better in his first go-round in Hoover, handling media questions confidently and establishing the tone that would eventually become the #BrandNewVandy. The fact that Franklin was able to back up his claims made him appointment viewing at Media Days in 2012 and 2013.

Mason will be joined by Steven Scheu, Adam Butler, and Andrew Williamson, who will have their own session with the press this afternoon.

You can watch the proceedings live from work via ESPN3 here. Or, you can watch Germany and the Czech Republic play lacrosse - though I can't guarantee that will be any more exciting than 45 minutes of Will Muschamp deflecting questions about last year's loss to Vandy.