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Super Regional Game 2 v. Stanford: Open Thread

The Vanderbilt Commodores look to advance with a win today over Stanford, while the Cardinal will surely fight and claw to try to force a game Sunday.

Carson Fulmer, Destroyer of Worlds
Carson Fulmer, Destroyer of Worlds

Today's Pitching Match-Up

Vanderbilt Sophomore RHP Carson "The Florida Flamethrower" Fulmer (6-1, 1.42 ERA)

v. Stanford Freshman RHP Cal "Son of Paul" Quantrill (7-5, 2.69 ERA)

Down the stretch, Quantrill has been Stanford's best pitcher, but Fulmer has been even better.

Simply put, The Florida Flamethrower is the guy you want on the mound when it counts.  Beede might have just gone #14 in the first round of the MLB draft, but Fulmer is, without a doubt, the ace of this staff.  Since Corbin moved him into the starting rotation, Fulmer has gone 6-0 with a blistering 1.08 ERA.

He's got a bulldog demeanor, pitches angry, and inspires frightening man-crushes throughout Commodore Nation.

Remember when he mowed down the nation's most feared hitter in Kentucky's A.J. Reed and our jaws hit the our collective floors?

At 2pm CT on ESPN, it's on.  Our best v. their best.

Ours is better.

And it's not particularly close.

*Quick note: I won't be able to be able to moderate the open thread below until about 2:30 or 3pm CT due to reasons.  VandyTigerPhD has agreed to cover for me.  Post away, commentariat.