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2014 MLB Draft Coverage: Day 2

Open thread for all discussions, questions, and comments pertaining to the draft (though if you want to bring this stuff up in the Super Regional thread, I won't stop you) and link hub for all of Anchor of Gold's coverage of the 2014 MLB Draft (who am I kidding... it's all written by me).

The sound stage where the moon landing was faked... err, the draft takes place.
The sound stage where the moon landing was faked... err, the draft takes place.

Rounds 3-10 begin today around 12pm CT (same time as game time), but I’ll be focused largely on our Super Regional Match-up, obviously.  However, I’m going to try my best to alert you as soon as any current Vandy players or commits get drafted.  The draft will stream on, so if you want to track it yourself, you can go there for streaming coverage or just click Draft Tracker for a real-time updated list of who’s drafted where.  The only problem with Draft Tracker is you have to remember to change the round when the rounds change.

Adam Ravenelle and Jared Miller, along with a few commits like Dylan Cease, should expect to hear their names called today.  For more on where I think our guys will go, who will sign, who will return, etc., click the "2014 MLB Draft Preview" below.  It’s pretty damned comprehensive.

The other links are self-explanatory:

2014 MLB Draft Preview: A Comprehensive Commodores Draft Guide

Beede to San Fran (#14), Toussaint to D’Backs (#16)

Indians Take Justus Sheffield at Pick #31

Justus Sheffield Signs With Cleveland for $1.6 Mil

D’Backs Take LHP Cody Reed at Pick #54

D’Backs Take Isan Diaz at Pick #70 (The 3rd of the 3 Vandy Commits they Selected in the First 2 Rounds)